enish VIETNAM, which develops mobile games for Japan.
How do they use Pandatest to determine the hiring of IT engineers, where the recruitment competition is fierce?
We interviewed Mr. Shibuya, General Director, who is also in charge of recruitment.


Please tell us about any problems you had during the interview before introducing Pandatest

Our company is a Japanese game company, and we have various teams such as development and design.
The organization has more than 50 people, and we conduct interviews every day, but in short interviews with information from CVs and interpreters, we can measure technical aspects, but we often do not know personality aspects, so there were many situations where we were at a loss. .

Even if we think that the candidate is generally good in terms of CV information and interview impressions,
we think that there is no index when there is a sense of incongruity, so I get lost.
As a result, there were times when we thought it would be okay and quit after a short period of time.

Game development is teamwork. In addition to being technically proficient, communication skills are also important.

Regardless of nationality, some engineers are not good at communication skills.
In addition, most Vietnamese people are bright and easy-going, but there are some who want to concentrate on their own tasks, which hinders teamwork.


Please tell us about your impressions when you used Pandatest for the first time

The reason I was interested in it at first was that there were more than 50 people and I had problems with relationships.
The idea was to use it to understand the characteristics of existing staff.

The personality traits that I usually felt while trying it on the existing staff were well reflected in the results.
I thought that I could use this for recruitment selection, so I started using it during interviews.


What effect did it have compared to before using Pandatest?

We operate differently for each team, but in the case of the art team that I’m mainly in charge of, we ask them to take the test before the interview and change the interview questions according to the numbers.
By doing so, I can understand which parts I should pay attention to and dig deeper, making it easier to grasp the personality aspect.

The manager and I are watching the report. By digitizing, the managers became able to express their impressions positively.
We are able to make more correct decisions because we can have discussions centered on common indicators.
For example, even if a candidate is technically good, judging from the trend data so far in terms of personality, I can make a judgment that I am worried.

Also, we have a 1 on 1 once a month, but when the number of people increases, we can’t get involved deeply with each person, so we would like to use it to understand the motivation and worries of existing staff. increase.


Do you have a favorite Pandatest evaluation item?

In particular, we focus on “dialogue skills” and “organizational behavioral characteristics” when hiring.

As I said, teamwork is important in game development, so these two points are especially important. After all, if we look at the existing staff who are not able to demonstrate their performance, this dialogue skill is extremely low.


What kind of companies would you recommend Pandatest for?

Especially in the case of IT companies, IT engineers are scrambled, and there are many choices for candidates.
However, even if the technical match is matched, the person who does not match the character will not last long, so it is recommended for companies that want to understand such people in advance.